Abbreviations by Part Type

Most Recyclers use numerous abbreviations in descriptions for parts
and vehicles. Below are commonly used abbreviations to distinguish
options and types. Damage codes and standard cuts are explained
in more detail on the "Damage Codes" page. Abbreviations are first
listed under the part type they are used with the most often.
For a listing of all abbreviations in alphabetical order click here.


N Non-Locking Axle Assembly (w/o positraction)
L Locking Axle Assembly (w/positraction)

A decimal number in an Axle description is the axle ratio of the assembly. Example: 4.10 is an Axle Assembly with a 4.10 ratio.

WD Dual Rear Wheels
A2 Rear Antilock Brakes
JO Another abbreviation for positraction or Locking Axle Assembly.
TX Traction Control


C Chrome
P Painted
SB Step Bumper
EC with End Caps
FL with Fog Lights
GD with Guards
PD with Pads
PG with Pads and Guards
PL Plain


If a mirror has single letter designation it is usually
P Power
A more complete mirror description uses a four letter description.
The first letter designates the style:
R Rallye Type
S Sail Type
The second letter designates finish:
C Chrome
P Painted
The third letter designates type:
Manual not Remote
P Power
R Manual Remote not Power
The fourth letter designates the glass type of the mirror:
N No heat
Example: S P R N is a sail type mirror, painted, manual remote, without heated glass


Tailgates and Hatches often up to 5 abbreviations in the description.

1. The abbreviation for the glass tint as described above under GLASS

2. P or PW Power Window, M or MW Manual Window

3. Defrost designation: WH With defrost (heated) NH no defrost (not heated) RD with defrost (heated)

4. Wiper designation: NW No wiper (often times no designation indicates no wiper) NW with wiper

5. Antenna designation: NA No Antenna (often times no designation indicates no Antenna) WA with Antenna


P or PW Power Window
MIRMW Manual Window
PL Power Lock
ML Manual Lock
KE Keyless Entry
Glass type and mirror type abbreviations are often included in the Door description and are explained further under the Glass and Mirror Sections. A four-letter description is usually the mirror type.
Nom designates no mirror on door.


MT Manual Transmission type
AT Automatic Transmission type (standard)
_K Usually a number followed by a "K" is the number of miles on the Engine times 1000. Example: 71K would indicate approximately 71,000 miles for US yards, 71,000 kilometers for Canadian yards.
OPTIONS not always designated and applicable parts for these components are not usually included with an Engine Assembly.
AC w Air Conditioning type
P/S w Power Steering type


A or AT Automatic Transmission type
M or MT Manual Transmission type STD Manual (standard) Transmission type
AL Aluminum side tank type
PL Plastic side tank type


ST Stereo
CA, CAS, or CASS Cassette
CB Citizens Band
EQ Equalizer
SE Seek and/or Scan
SK Remote CD Changer
CD Compact Disc
8T Eight Track
B or BM Bose
I or IS Infinity


CABR Convertible - Cabriolet
CONV Convertible top
CPE Coupe
EG Electric Glass Sunroof (Pwr)
ES Electric Steel Suroof (Pwr)
MG Manual Glass Sunroof
MS Manual Steel Sunroof
RM Removable Hardtop type
RR Roof Rack
SD Dual Sunroof type
SW Station Wagon
TT wT-Top type
VR Vinyl Roof
S/W Station Wagon


Most glass uses a two-digit code to describe the tint and shade of the glass. The first letter designates the glass tint and the second digit represents the type of shade. An L or T as the second letter indicates no extra shading on the glass. Usually side and rear glass is clear or tinted only and not shaded but may have an additional privacy tint. The glass code may also be included with doors hatches etc. to describe the type glass left in other parts.

BT Blue Tint no shade
CL Clear
GT Green Tint no shade
YT Gray Tint no shade
ZT Bronze Tint no shade

The following are usually used only in describing side 2nd rear glass:
Blue Tint w/privacy shading
GP Green Tint w/privacy shading
YP Gray Tint w/privacy shading
ZP Bronze Tint w/privacy shading

The following are usually used only in describing windshields:
Blue Tint blue shade
BG Blue Tint green shade
BY Blue Tint gray shade
BZ Blue Tint bronze shade
CB Clear blue shade
GB Green Tint blue shade
GG Green Tint green shade
GY Green Tint gray shade
GZ Green Tint bronze shade
YB Gray Tint blue shade
YY Gray Tint gray shade
ZB Bronze Tint blue shade
ZG Bronze Tint green shade
ZY Bronze Tint gray shade
ZZ Bronze Tint bronze tint

Some glass also may have an antenna or defroster
NA No Antenna
WA With Antenna (usually no designation indicates no antenna
NH no defrost (not heated)
WH with defrost (heated)
RD with rear defrost (heated)
TO or T Represents a tinted glass without a specific type tint designation.
DT Represents a deep tint or privacy glass without a specific type tint designation
SW Sliding Rear Window


2wd two wheel drive type
4 4 Spd type
4x4 4 Wheel drive type
5 5 Spd type
6 6 Spd type
A or AT Automatic Transmission type
FWD Front wheel drive type
MT Manual Transmission type
OD Overdrive
STD Manual (standard) Transmission type
RWD rear wheel drive type

_K Usually a number followed by a K is the number of miles on the Engine times 1000. Example: 71K would indicate approximately 71,000 miles for US yards, 71,000 kilometers for Canadian yards

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