Name Organization Car-Part
Auto Dismantlers of Southern California     X  
Bay Area Auto Dismantlers Association     X  
Central Valley Auto Recyclers Association X   X  
Inland Auto Dismantlers Association     X  
Motorcycle Dismantlers Association of California     X  
Northern California Auto Dismantlers Association     X  
San Diego County Auto Recyclers Association X   X  
San Joaquin Valley Auto Dismantlers Association   X  
Santa Clara County Auto Recyclers Association     X  
Valley Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association     X  
#1 American Auto Network        
3M United Auto Parts     X X
4 Wheel Truck Parts        
4000 Auto Wreckers        
99 Auto Dismantler       X
A & A Auto Parts   X X
A & A Self Serve       X
A & A Used Auto Parts        
A & B Truck Recycling     X  
A & G Auto Dismantlers        
A & M Auto Dismantler     X X
A-1 Auto Dismantlers, Inc     X X
A-1 Auto Dismantling, Oceanside - RPN     X  
A-1 Auto Wreckers   X X X
A-1 Foreign        
A-1 Metals & Auto Salvage     X X
A1 Accuracy Auto Recycling        
A1 Auto Imports        
A1 Truck Wrecking       X

A-Car Auto Wrecking, Inc.

A-German Auto Parts & Service      X X
A-King Auto Dismantling       X
A-Professional Benz        
AA Auto Wrecking       X
AAA Dodge Truck & Van     X X
AAA Truck Parts      X  X
AAA Used Auto Parts        
AAW Action Auto Wreckers X X X X
ABC Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
ALF Foreign & American     X X
AMC Auto Salvage       X
Aacon Auto Parts       X
Aadlen Bros. Auto Wrecking   X  
Aaron`s Auto Wrecking   X    
AAW Action Auto Wreckers     X X
AAW American        
Able Auto Wrecking        
Accent Auto Network, Inc.        
Ace Auto Parts        
Ace Auto Wreckers     X X
Ace Auto Wrecking       X
Ace Auto Wrecking     X X
Acme Foreign Auto Wrecking       X
Acme Salvage, Inc.     X X
Action Auto Dismantlers Inc     X X
Action Truck & Van Parts        
Active Auto Dismantling        
Acura Honda Dismantling     X X
Adams Steel        
Advance Auto Wrecking     X X
AJ Auto Parts and Service        
Ajax Auto Dismantlers       X
Ajax Auto Parts       X
Alameda Imports       X
Alfa Parts        
Alfred's Auto       X
All Auto Dismantling, Inc.     X X
All Auto Parts Co. GS/CAR X   X
All Car and Truck Recycling CAR    X X
All Cars & Trucks Dismantlers     X  
All Dodge Truck & Van        
All Euro Parts     X  
All Ford-Chrysler Recycling     X  
All Ford Auto Salvage       X
All Foreign Auto Parts        
All GM Recycling        
All Hyundai, Isuzu, Kia & Nissan Auto Recycling     X X
All Import Auto Salvage     X X
All Japanese Auto Dismantling       X
All Japanese Auto Recyclers        
All Japanese Auto Recycling     X X
All Japanese Auto Wrecking       X
All Star Auto Recycling       X
All State Auto Dismantling        
All Toyo Lex Auto Recycling     X  
All Toyota Lexus Parts     X X
All Truck Parts     X X
Alley Cats Auto Wrecking       X
Allied Auto Salvage, Inc. X X X
Alpine Auto        
Alps Marketing/Airbags, Inc.        
Al's Auto Parts & Dismantling        
Al's Truck Dismantling     X X
Alvin's Automotive Recycling, Inc. X   X X
American Auto Salvage     X X
American Auto Wrecking        
American Dismantling, Inc.     X X
American Factory Wheels        
American Imports     X X
American River Auto        
America's Finest Corvettes         
Annex Auto Parts        
Antelope Foreign        
Anthony's Auto Wrecking     X X
Any Kar Auto Salvage   X   X
Any Toyota Auto Dismantling     X  
Apollo Mercedes        
Apple Auto Dismantling     X X
A-Professional Benz        
Area 51 Auto     X X
Arrow Auto Salvage     X X
ASAP Auto Wrecking        
Asian Auto Recycling     X X
Astro Auto Wrecking       X
Atlanta Auto Dismantlers     X X
Atlantic Auto Wrecking        
Atlas Auto Recycling       X
Atlas Auto Salvage       X
Audi Plus Dismantling        
Audi Volkswagen Parts       X
Auto Alex       X
Auto Imports USA       X
Auto Mart Dismantling        
Auto Parts Plex     X X
Auto Quest Dismantling, Inc.     X X
Auto Rally's Wrecking        
Auto Recycling of Wilmington       X
Autocity Salvage       X
AutoFox Recyclers     X X
AutoGator Roseville X X X X
Avalon Truck Parts        
B & B Auto Parts     X X
B & B Auto Wrecking        
B & D Auto Parts        
B & D Auto & Truck       X
B & E Dismantlers        
B & T Imports Auto Wrecking        
B M Tech     X X
B-J Used Auto Parts & Dismantling Inc.       X
B 2 Auto Dismantlers       X
Bailey's Auto Recyclers        
Bart's Auto Wrecking       X
Basic Auto Parts       X
Basset Auto Wrecking        
Bauer`s Auto Wrecking X X X
Bavarian Auto Recycling     X X
BBS Auto Dismantling       X
Beach Auto Wrecking        
Beaumont Auto Dismantling & Recycling     X X
Bebe's Trucks and Auto Dismantling & Recycling     X  
Bebo's Auto Recycling        
Bedlo Auto        
Bells Auto Parts-PRP West     X X
Bell's Trucks & Vans Wrecking       X
Bens Auto Dismantlers        
Benson's Auto Dismantling     X X
Bert and Johnnies Auto - RPN        
Best Deal Auto Wreckers       X
Best Way Auto Wrecking        
Big D        
Big Three Auto Dimsantling       X
Bill's Auto Wrecking        
Black Road Auto     X X
Blanco Used Auto Parts       X
Blue Motors AutoDismantling       X
Bob Wescott's Auto & Truck     X X
Bonanza All Foreign        
Bonanza Auto Dismantlers        
Boneyard Auto Parts       X
BOP Auto Recycling        
British Motorsports, Inc.        
Brown Feild Truck & Van Dismantling     X  
Budget Auto Wrecking        
BW Auto Dismantlers X   X X
C&M Automotive        
C.P.D. Auto Recycling        
Cadillac Auto Recycling      
Cadillac King        
CAL Parts Connection        
Calexico Auto Dismantling       X
California Auto Parts, Inc.      X  X
California Auto Recycling        
California Car Parts, Inc.       X
California Import & American Auto & Truck Dismantlers        
California Mini-Truck       X
California Sports Auto Wrecking       X
California Used Auto Parts        
Calstate Auto Wrecking        
Calumet Auto Wrecking - RPN     X X
Can-Am Auto Salvage     X X
Capital Auto Wrecking       X
Capital JAC       X
Capitol Jeepers Supply        
Car Program, LLC     X  
Cardinal Auto Wrecking, Inc. X   X X
Carol's Automotive & Corvette Dismantler        
Cars Imports Dismantling, Inc.        
Carson Auto, Inc.     X  
Carro Pacific Inc        
CarWorks, Inc.     X  
Center Auto Dismantling        
Central Auto Dismantlers     X  
Central Coast Auto        
Century Auto Dismantling        
Chatfield's Auto Dismantlers     X X
Chevy & Ford Truck Parts        
Chevyland Parts and Accessories        
Chico's Auto Wrecking        
Chore Auto Wrecking     X  
Claus Ettensberger Corperation        
Clovis Foreign Dismantlers        
Coast Auto Salvage     X X
Coast Auto Supplies and Dismantling     X X
Cobian Auto Recycling     X X
Coco's Auto Dismantling #1       X
Collision Auto Wrecking        
Colorado Auto Salvage        
Community Auto Recyclers Inc.        
Complete Auto (dba) A to Z Auto Recycling        
Concord Auto Dismantlers, Inc.     X X
Cordova Truck Dismantlers Inc. X   X X
Corona Auto Parts Recycling, Inc.        
Coronas Automotive & Wrecking     X  
Costa Mesa Auto Dismantlers       X
Crash Body Parts        
Cream's Dismantlers       X
Cromo Auto Dismantling        
Crown Auto Salvage        
Crossroads Auto Parts - RPN       X
Crown Auto Salvage        
Cypress Auto Salvage     X X
D & S Auto Wrecking       X
D & W Auto Wreckers     X X
DJW Equipment Sales, Inc.      X  
Dad's Auto Dismantling        
Dan's Truck and Auto Dismantling       X
Datsun Auto Wrecking     X  
Dave's Auto Wrecking (dba) Dave's 1 Auto Parts     X X
Diablo Foreign & Domestic Dism.        
Deal Auto Wrecking        
Debco Auto Wrecking     X X
Delta Auto Wrecking     X  
Depot Auto Wrecking     X X
Desert Auto Wrecking       X
Desert Truck & Auto Parts     X X
Desmanteladora Alfa        
Dixon Auto Wreckers     X X
Dorris Auto Wreckers, Inc.     X X
Dry Creek Auto Dismantlers   X    
E & J Auto Wreckers, Inc.     X X
E & J Auto Wrecking, Inc.       X
E & R Auto Wrecking     X X
Eagle Auto Dismantling - Lakeside     X  
Eagle Auto Dismantling Inc.     X  
Eco Auto Dismantling       X
Ecology Auto Parts     X  
El Ahorro Auto Parts        
El Cajon Auto Wreckers     X  
Elite Auto Parts Company       X
Elite Foreign Auto       X
Empire Auto Dismantling       X
Empresas Velazquez        
Euroline Auto Dismantling     X X
Europart Automotive Group        
Europarts Auto Wrecking       X
European Dismanlters, Inc.     X  
European Recycling       X
Express Auto Dismantling       X
Extreme Auto     X X
EZ Web Parts        
Fair-Vac Auto & Truck Wreckers     X  
Farriester Auto Wreckers       X
Fast Inc.        
Fifth Street Auto Salvage     X X
Five Points Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Five Stars Auto Dismantling        
Ford Auto Recycling   X    
Freeway Auto Wreckers     X X
Freeway Auto Wrecking     X X
Freitas Auto Wrecker       X
Fresno CPDJ        
Fresno Foreign Wrecking     X X
Fresno Silver Star Recycling     X X
Fresno TAP Recycling     X X
Fresno Truck Wrecking       X
G & R Auto Parts, LLC X   X X
G & S Auto Dismantler     X X
Galaxy Used Auto Parts       X
Gallant's Truck Salvage     X  
General Auto Parts       X
General Development Laboratories        

German Auto Parts Depot

German Parts Warehaus        
Gilly's Auto Wreckers        
Global Auto Dismantling     X X
Globe Used Auto Parts       X
Gm Auto Recycling, Inc        
GM Sports Salvage      X   
Golden Auto Wrecking     X  
Golden State Auto Wrecking     X  
Grand Central Station Auto Parts        
Green Light Used Auto Parts       X
Greer Auto Wreckers     X X
H & A Auto Recycling, Inc.        
H & I Auto Recycling        
H-Auto Dismantling        
H-Truck Dismantling/Tom's Truck Center X      
H P Auto Parts       X
Hap Auto Wrecking       X
Happy Auto Parts aka-Sunrise SUV and Truck Parts        
Harbor Auto Parts       X
Harbor Used Auto Parts Division       X
Harout's BMW & MBZ Auto Parts X     X
Harry's Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Hat Auto Recycling     X X
Hess Brothers Auto Dismantling        
Hi Desert Auto Salvage        
Hi-Way Auto Recyclers       X
Higgins Auto Parts-PRP West X   X X
Highway 67 Truck Dismantlers     X  
Hirst Tow Service/ Auto Wreckers     X  
Hi Tech Auto       X
HK Auto Salvage       X
Honda/Acura Parts Auto Recycling     X  
Honda Club Auto Recyclers     X X
Honda Foreign Auto Parts       X
Honda Heaven X X X  X 
Hondas Only     X X
Howdy Auto Dismantler       X
Hughes Auto Wrecking       X
Hybrid Heaven        
Hyundai & Isuzu Recycling        
Hyundai-Isuzu Auto Recycling        
I H S Motors - RPN        
Import Center-Modesto     X X
Independent Toyota Truck Dismantlers, LLC.       X
Infinity & Nissan Auto Dismantling       X
Infinity Auto Salvage     X X
Ingot Auto Dismantlers     X  
International Auto Dismantlers X      
International Auto Wrecking       X
J & J Auto Wrecking        
J & W Jeep X   X X
J C Auto Dismantlers     X X
J.G. Auto Wrecking       X
J.P. Surplus Salvage Auto Wrecking     X  
Jack's Foreign Auto Dismantlers        
Jaguar Heaven Auto Dismantlers X      
Jalos Auto Dismantling     X  
Jamie's Auto Dismantling     X X
Japan Tech Auto Wrecking     X X
Japanese Auto Dismantlers       X
Japanese Truck Dismantling       X
Japanese Unique Auto Parts Dismantling, Inc.       X
Johns Used Cars and Wreckers X   X X
Jones Auto Dismantlers        
Junior's Auto Parts & Salvage       X
K & P Auto Dismantlers       X
KD Auto Dismantling       X
KHS Auto Parts       X
Kar King Auto Dismantlers       X
Kelseyville Auto Salvage & Towing     X  
Kennedy Auto Co, Inc.     X X
Kilroy's Auto & Truck   X    
King's Auto Wrecking        
Kresa Auto Dismantling     X X
L.A. Star Auto Dismantling       X
La Joya Auto Wrecking     X X
LAR Auto Dismantling       X
Lakenor Auto & Truck Salvage        
Land Rover's Land        
Last Mile Auto Dismantling     X  
Lemoore Auto Wrecking     X X
Lins Auto Dismantling       X
LKQ - Hillside Truck and Auto       X
LKQ Keystone - Fresno     X X
LKQ Keystone - Los Angeles       X
LKQ Keystone - Ontario X     X
LKQ Keystone - San Diego       X
LKQ Keystone - Stockton     X X
LKQ of Central California CAR   X X
LKQ of Northen California X   X X
LKQ Specialized -Fresno X     X
LKQ Specialized - Rancho Cordova X     X
LKQ Stockton X   X X
LKQ Tracy - C2C Depot     X X
LKQ 4763 - Powertrain WST       X
LKQ-Desert High Truck and Auto       X
LKQ-Lakenor Auto Salvage       X
LKQ-Midnight Truck and Auto       X
LKQ - Southern California GS/CAR   X X
Lobo Auto Wrecking     X  
Lomley AutoPartes       X
Lopez Cinco Auto Wrecking     X  
Los Angeles Dismantler of Porsche X      
Lots of Parts       X
Louie's Wrecking        
LTS Auto Dismantling     X X
Luxury Auto Dismantling     X X
Lynwood Auto       X
M & J Truck and Auto Recycling     X  
M & M Auto Wrecking       
M & M Imports       X
M & M Salvage, Inc. DBA Capitol Imports Auto     X X
M & S Auto Salvage       X
M and S Recycling     X X
M & L Auto Wrecker       X
MCM Auto Recycling     X  
MG Auto Dismantling     X X
MG Auto Dismantling       X
Mac's Springs         
MacAndy's Auto Dismantlers        
Main St Auto Dismantlers, Inc.       X
Manteca Auto Dismantlers     X X
Manuel's Auto Wrecking GS/CAR  X X

Mars Auto

Matrix Auto Wreckers       X
Max Auto Salvage     X X
MayFair Auto Wreckers     X X
Mazda Porsche Parts        
McHugh's Used Auto Parts     X  
Mefford & Hood Off-Road        
Mel's Auto Dismantlers        
Memory Lane        
Metro Auto & Truck Recycling        
Mercedes & BMW Auto Parts Dismantling & Headlight Factory       X
Merrell's Auto Dismantling     X X
Middle East Auto Dismantling     X  
Mikes Foreign Auto Parts       X
Mike's Subaru       X
Mini Truck Dismantling     X X
Mission Auto Wrecking       X
Mix Auto Parts       X
MLH Auto Dismantling     X X
Modesto Auto Wreckers     X X
Montana Auto Wrecking, Inc.     X  
Montoya's Auto Wrecking     X  
My Boys Auto, Inc.       X
N.O.W.(Nissan Only Wreckers)     X  
National Auto Body Parts        
Navarra Truck and Van Dismantlers     X X
Nemo's Auto Dismantling       X
Nick's Auto Dismantling        
Nissan Infinity        
New Dimensions Limited        
Norcal Car & Truck Wrecking     X X
Normans Truck and Auto Parts        
Number One Auto Dismantling       X
Nu-Way Auto Dismantling       X
Oakdale Auto Recyclers     X X
Ohnstad's Auto Recycling        
One Way Auto Salvage       X
Otay Auto Wrecking, Inc.     X  
P & C Auto Wrecking CAR   X X
Pacific Auto Dismantler       X
Pacific Auto Parts     X X
Pacific Auto Salvage X   X
Pacific Auto Wrecking     X X
Palomo's Auto Dismantlers       X
Paramount Auto Dismantlers, Inc.     X X
Parts 4000        
Parts For Less Auto Dismantling     X X
Parts Heaven, Inc.       X
PartStop X   X X
Paso Robles Auto Dismantling        
Payless Auto Wrecking        
Pearsons Auto Wrecking     X X
Pearsonville Auto Wrecking        
Peninsula Auto Wreckers      
Perry's Auto Dismantling        
Pete's Auto Wrecking       X
Phelps Auto Wreckers     X X
Pick-N-Pull Auto Dismantling     X  
Pick-N-Pull Auto Dismantling       X
Pick Your Part Auto Wrecking X   X  
Pickup Salvage Co.     X X
Pioneer Auto Dismantling     X X
Pirate Auto Dismantling     X X
Placenta Truck       X
Prime Auto Parts        
Pinole Rodeo Auto Wreckers        
Pioneer Auto Dismantling       X
Pirate Auto Dismantling     X X
Placentia Truck       X
Porche Foreign Auto, Inc.     X X
Precise Auto Parts     X  
Precision Auto Dismantling       X
Pride Auto Wrecking & Sales       X
Prime Auto Parts       X
Pro Parts        
Pull A Part, Inc.     X  
Quality & Quick Auto Parts     X X
Quality Auto Dismantling     X X
Quintero's Auto Dismantling        
QwikParts Auto Salvage     X X
Ramirez Auto Parts Locator        
Ramona Auto Dismantling & Towing     X  
Rancho CPD      X X
Rancho Cordova Specialized Recyclers       X
Rancho Ford Truck     X X
Rancho Honda and Subaru Recycling     X X
Rancho Jeep Recycling        
Rancho Nissan Infiniti and Kia       X
Rancho Toyota Recycling     X X
Raymer Auto Parts       X
Ray's Auto and Truck Recycling        
Redline Performance     X X
Remanufactured Production Motors        
Rex Used Auto Parts       X
Reyes Auto Wrecking     X X
Rhino Used Auto Parts        
Rick Hull & Associates,inc.        
Rising Sun Engines, LLC        
Riteway Auto Dismantlers       X
Riverside Truck Parts     X X
Rock and Roll Auto Recycling CAR   X
Romero's Auto Dismantling     X X
Ro-Sal Auto Recycling       X
Rosecran's Used Auto Parts       X
Roseville Auto        
Rudy's Auto Dismantling        
Runzer's Truck Parts        
SA Recycling, LLC        
S & T Auto Dismantling       X
San Benito Auto Wrecking       X
San Bernardino Truck - RPN        
San Clemente Truck & Auto Wrecking       X
San Luis Auto Salvage   X X X
San Luis Rey Auto Wrecking     X X
Santa Cruz Auto Wrecking        
Santa Fe Auto Salvage       X
Santa Fe Auto Salvage So-Cal       X
Savon Auto Parts & Salvage   X   X
Schimmick Auto Dismantler       X
Scotty's Jeep Truck & 4 xX 4        
Select Auto and Truck Recyclers     X X
Select European Auto Parts     X X
SHD Auto       X
Sierra Auto Parts     X X
Sierra Auto Recycling     X X
Sierra's Trucks     X X
Silver Star Auto Wrecking       X
Silverado Truck & Auto Wrecking     X X
SM Auto Recycling       X
Smartparts Auto & Truck Dismantling       X
Smitty's Towing and Auto Dismantling     X  
Socal Mercedes Parts X     X
South Bay Auto Wreckers     X X
South El Monte Auto Salvage       X
Specialized British Recycling     X  
Specialized Ford Recycling (dba) All Amerian Truck and Auto Parts       X
Specialized German Recycling     X X
Standard Auto Recycling     X X
Steelhead Recyclers       X
Stockton Auto Dismantlers   X X X
Street & Sons Auto Wrecking        
Subway Truck Parts X   X
Sun Valley Mercedes Dismantlers        
Super Auto Dismantler     X X
Surplus City        
Sweetwater Auto Wrecking     X  
T & Y Truck Dismantling        
Tapatio Auto & Truck Wrecking     X X
Target Auto Wrecking       X
Team Truck,Inc.        
Terrill's Aluminum Cylinder Heads' Exchange and Repair        
Texano Auto Recycling     X  
Tex Auto Wrecking      
The Import Center     X X
The Parts Department       X
Thomas Auto Salvage     X X
Timo's Auto Wrecking, LLC     X X
Tokyo II Auto Wrecking     X  
Tony's Auto Parts       X
Tony's Auto Recycling     X  
Tony’s Truck Wrecking        
Tony's Vette, Inc.       X
Top Gun Auto Dismantler        
Town & Country Auto Wrecking        
Toy Auto Mart     X  
Toy Connection        
Toyo Parts Only        
Toyota Vlad’s Toys     X X
Toyota World       X
Travis Auto Recycling        
Tri County Auto Dismantlers       X
Tri County Auto Recyclers     X  
Trolley Auto Parts     X X
Truck Parts Company       X
Truck Time Auto Wrecking       X
Truck World       X
Truck Wrecks Recyclers     X  
True Line Auto Parts & Salvage        
U & I Parts Online        
U Pick U Save - Anaheim       X
U Pick U Save - Bakersfield     X X
U Pick U Save - Gardena       X
U Pick U Save - Pomona       X
U-Pull & Save (Chico, CA)     X  
U-Pull & Save - Mather     X  
U-Pull & Save Auto Dismantling (Stockton, CA)     X  
U.S. Auto Salvage --SoCal     X  X 
Ukiah Auto Dismantlers     X X

UNID Global Group Corp. dba UNID Auto Dismantler

Union Auto Wrecking     X  
United Auto Dismantling        
United Truck Dismantlers Inc. X   X X
Universal Auto Recycling     X  
Universal German Auto Parts & Dismantling        
Urias Auto Wrecking     X  
V & O Auto Dismantlers        
V & V Auto Dismantling        
V & L Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Vallejo Pull Apart        
Valley Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Valley Auto Wreckers       X
Valley Auto Wrecking     X  
Valley Ford Truck Parts        
Valley Iron & Metals        
Valley Lexus Recyclers        
Ventura County Auto Parts     X  
Ventura Mercedes        
Ventura Truck Only Dismantling        
Vic's Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Viking Truck & Auto     X X
The Virtual Auto Parts Store        
Vista Auto Wrecking       X
Volvo & Saab Auto Dismantlers    
WH California Auto Recycling, Inc. DBA California Auto Recycling        
Walker 400 Auto Dismantling       X
Warehouse Chevy Dismantlers        
Warren's Chevy Stuff        
Waterford Truck Dismantling     X X
Wayne's Auto Recycling        
Wescott's Auto Parts        
West Auto Wreckers   X X
West Coast Auto Dismantling     X X
West Coast Auto Parts, Inc.       X
West Coast Auto Wrecking       X
Westway Auto Dismantler        
Westside Auto Dismantlers     X  
Whitaker's 4x4 Heaven        
Wilmington Auto Wrecking       X
Wilson Auto Wreckers       X
World Auto Parts and Dismantling       X
Wrecks West Auto Recycling        
Yonke Luna's        
Zacher's Automotive Recycler     X  

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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