Name Organization Car-Part
#1 Auto Recycling & Repair        
4 X 4 Used Parts, Inc.     X X
A-1 Auto Reyclers, Inc.        
A-Arvada Auto Wrecking     X  
A1 Transmission & Parts Co.     X  
AA Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
ABC Imports Auto Salvage, Inc.        
ABC Used Parts, Inc.       X
ABZ Truck Parts        
A & F Salvage        
AD&G Auto Salvage        
AK Truck Parts     X  
APB Motors       X
A.E. Truck        
Active Truck & Auto Parts, Co.     X  
Adam's Wrecking       X
Adopt A Part     X X
Adopt-A-Part East        
Advance Foreign Auto Salvage        
Al's Auto Parts X   X X
All Auto Parts and Landcruisers        
All Auto Recyclers       X
All Truck Parts       X
American & Import Auto Recyclers       X
American Differential & Truck Parts       X
Americar Auto Parts, LLC.       X
Andersen's Sales & Salvage X   X  
Any Auto Wrecking        
Aragon Iron & Metal       X
Arapahoe Auto Salvage     X X
Arvada Auto Wrecking, LLC       X
Auto Part Recyclers        
Auto Recyclers, Inc.     X X
Avalanche Auto Parts     X X
B & J Auto Parts     X  
Best Foreign Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
Bizzy B's Recycling & Salvage       X
Black Jack's Auto Recycling       X
Blake's Small Car Salvage, Inc.     X X
The Bone Yard     X X
Boot Hill Used Pickup Parts   X X
Brighton Auto Parts       X
Broadway Auto Parts       X
Brothers Auto Parts        
Brush Auto Salvage, LLC     X X
Budget Import Auto, Inc.       X
C & E Used Parts       X
Canyon Truck        
CarBones Auto Parts & Sales, Inc.     X X
Cars N' Parts, Inc.       X
Central Foreign Auto Parts - PAR Member X X X X
Chapas Autoparts       X
Cheap Part Colorado       X
Chevy Truck Parts, LLC.     X X
Classic Cruisers     X  
Collins Collision Products       X
Colorado Auto & Parts X   X X
Creative Wheel Co.        
Creative Auto Recyclers & Salvage, Inc.     X  
Crusher Auto & Truck Salvage       X
D-N-A Auto Parts     X  
Daurio Auto Truck, Inc.       X
Denver Affordable Parts   X   X
Denver Used Car Parts       X
Don's Sportcar       X
EDA Import & Auto Recycling     X  
Eagle Auto Recycling & Towing        
Elliott's Auto Parts     X  
Erie Auto Salvage     X  
European Auto Parts Store, LLC       X
European Auto Parts, LLC       X
Eur-Asian Foreign Auto Parts        
Fair Auto & Truck Parts - PRP member   X X X
Falcon Auto Recycle     X X
Five J's Auto Parts         
Foreign Used Auto Parts     X X
Galaxy Auto Recycle       X
Go Green Automotive       X
Goldmine Auto Salvage        
Harris Used Car Parts       X
Harris Used Truck Parts     X X
Honda & Toyota Menders       X
Honda Parts Used (aka) Scott's Auto Recyclers, Inc.       X
Hotline Foreign & Truck Parts       X
Ike And Son Transmission       X
Import Auto Stuff        
JYD Recyclers       X
J & B Used Parts, Inc.     X  
Jack of All Trades        
Japa Import Auto Wrecking     X  
Jeeps Unlimited/All American Pickup & SUV       X
LKQ Corp   X X  
LKQ Colorado -  Yard 754 X     X
LKQ Keystone - Denver       X
LKQ Online       X
LKQ Pull N Save Aurora     X  
Lakewood Foreign Auto Salvage     X  
Loveland Auto Salvage X   X X
M & M Auto, Inc.       X
Martin Supply, Inc.     X X
McLaughlin Auto, Inc.        
Medve Auto & Truck Salvage, Inc.        
Metal Movers       X
Monarch Auto Parts, Inc. X      
Mr. Badwrench     X X
Ninth Avenue Auto Wrecking        
Old Yeller Auto     X  
Outback Auto Salvage        
Page's Parts        
Penrose Auto Salvage       X
Phil's Auto Salvage       X
Phoenix Automotive Cores     X  
Pioneer Auto Salvage        
Predator 4WD        
Preferred Auto Recyclers        
Pull-N-Save Auto Parts & Recycling CAR      
Riverside Truck & Auto        
Saturn Recycled Parts        
Second Spin Auto Parts       X
Sidewinder Auto Recycling        
Southwest Auto Parts        
Speedway Auto Wrecking X   X  
Stadium Auto Parts, Inc. GS/CAR X X X
Stadium Foreign Auto Parts       X
Subaru Parts Used        
Super Rupair, Inc.       X
Svigel's Auto Parts Inc.        
Trade Center Auto Salvage, Inc.     X X
Teknet Automotive Service        
Thee Yard        
U-Pull-&-Pay, LLC Aurora X      
U-Pull-&-Pay, LLC Colorado Springs X      
Universal Auto Recycling        
Western Auto Recycling     X X
Westside Auto Parts        
Yota Yard     X  

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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