Name Organization Car-Part
All American Truck Brokers, Inc. X      
Auto Parts of Greenwood       X
B & F Auto Parts X     X
Bauls Towing       X
Bridgeville Auto Center PRP-MA   X   X
Carroll's Used Cars and Auto Parts        
Delaware Auto Salvage, Inc. X     X
Ed Slaughter's New & Used Parts       X
Experienced Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Fairlane Acres        
Fitzgerald's Salvage & Recycling       X
Fred Drake Automotive       X
Freedom Auto World, LLC       X
Mid-Del Auto Parts & Used Cars       X
Morgan's Auto Parts        
Murray Motors, Inc. X      
Select Parts, Inc.       X
West Side Auto Parts  GS/CAR 6000 X X

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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