Name Organization Car-Part
1st Coast Recycling     X  
6 Flags Used Auto Parts       X
49 Auto Salvage        
78 West, Inc.     X  
365 Auto Salvage     X X
A & B Auto Salvage     X X
A One Stop Auto Salvage       X
A to Z Auto Salvage       X
A1 Truck & Auto Salvage        
A-1 Used Auto Parts       X
A 2 Z Engine Exchange        
AAA Parts Plus       X
AAA Recycling & Core Supply        
AAction Auto Parts ARA   X X
AC Auto, Inc.       X
A C's Truck Parts     X  
Ackerman Auto Salvage       X
Affordable Auto Parts        
Ajax Auto Sales        
Albany Auto Salvage, Inc.     X X
Allens Auto Parts        
Alpharetta Auto Parts, Inc.        
American Truck Parts     X  
Andrews Auto Salvage       X
Atlanta Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Atlanta Stuttgart Auto Parts        
Austin's Used Truck & Auto Parts       X
Auto City, Inc.     X  
Auto Parts For You, Inc.       X
Auto Parts, Inc.        
Auto Parts R Us       X
Auto Recyclers of Georgia        
Auto Source Industries, Inc.       X
Auto Works (dba) Fenders Auto Wrecking        
Automotive Core and Parts Supply of Georgia       X
Avant Salvage Company     X  
B & W Salvage       X
Bankhead Used Auto Parts       X
Bell's Motors, Inc.       X
Best Auto and Used Parts       X
Bibb Auto Parts        
Bimmer Motor World       X
Bimmer`s South Inc.   X X X
BMVW       X
Bobs Auto Salvage       X
Bob's Auto Salvage, Inc. X   X  
Bodine Imports        
Bohanon Auto Parts       X
Brand 1 Autos        
Brooks Auto Salvage       X
Bud Alewine Auto Salvage        
Budget Auto Salvage       X
Buds Auto Salvage        
Bulloch Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc.        
Butler Auto Salvage & Sales, Inc.       X
C & L Used Auto Parts       X
C & S Auto & Truck Salvage        
Cagel Auto, Inc.     X  
Calhoun's Auto Parts        
Capital Auto Parts X   X X
Car Collection, Inc.        
Carolina's Recycling Group, LLC.     X  
Carson Automotive        
Cartecay Used Parts       X
Carters Used Parts and Cars       X
Cash n Carry U Pull-A-Part X      
Central Georgia Auto Salvage     X X
Chattanooga Valley Used Cars & Parts X   X X
Clay Freeman Auto Parts        
Coastal Auto Parts X   X  
Coastal Truck Parts Center, Inc.     X  
Coleman Auto Salvage       X
Columbia Used Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Complete Auto Parts, Inc.        
Counselman Automotive Recycling- Mobile     X  
Counselman Automotive Recycling - Saraland     X  
Coventry West     X  
Cox Auto Parts     X X
Cox Truck And Van     X X
Crawford's Recycling Co.        
Crest Truck Parts       X
Crider's Auto Parts       X
Cusseta Salvage       X
Dekalab Auto Salvage       X
Dependable Imports        
Diamond Rock Auto Salvage        
Direct Auto Parts Trader        
Direct Auto Parts X      
Dollar Auto Parts, LLC        
East Conyers Auto Parts        
Eastside Parts, Inc.     X X
Eco Green Auto Parts X     X
Emmett Head Auto Parts     X X
English-Swedish Spares        
Euro Source Auto       X
European Automotive Group, LLC.       X
Falcon Auto Parts       X
Fannin Salvage & Wrecker Service       X
First Class Automotive        
Five Pillars Capital, LLC (dba) U.S. Auto Prats and Salvage       X
Foskey Auto Parts       X
Four Lane Auto Parts       X
Frank's Wrecking Co        
Futrill Auto Parts     X  
GCC Parts        
Gentry & Associates, Inc.     X X
Georgia Auto Salvage       X
German Auto Parts Distributors        
German Parts Source       X
Givens Auto Parts - Lawrenceville     X X
Givens Auto Parts - Dacula       X
Grainger Auto Parts        
Gray & White Used Parts       X
Greenleaf -GA Lavonia   X    
Greenleaf of Monroe X X  
Griffin Import       X
H & H Used Auto Parts        
HB & Sons Auto Flattener, Inc.     X  
Hawa Imports        
Haynes Auto Parts     X X
Headlights 101       X
Honda Parts Connection       X
Hon's Automotive     X X
Hulsey's Auto Parts X   X X
Import Auto Recycling     X  
Jack's Auto Parts        
Jasper Auto Salvage, Inc.     X  
Joey's Auto & Truck Parts       X
Johnny HulseyTruck Parts       X
Johnson Auto Recycling, Inc.     X  
Jonesboro Auto Salvage       X
JP's Muscle Cars       X
K & D Used Auto Parts ARA     X
Kenny's Auto & Truck Salvage     X X
Kimbrell's Used Auto Parts       X
Lance Used Auto Parts       X
Lavonia Auto Salvage, Inc.        
LKQ - Potomac German Mid-Atlantic X     X
LKQ Keystone - Stlantia       X
LKQ Keystone - Chattanooga       X
LKQ Keystone - Columbus GA       X
LKQ Keystoe - Macon       X

LKQ - Atlanta

X     X
LKQ - Savannah Auto Parts CAR     x
Loetcher's Used Auto Parts        
Loetcher's Used Auto Parts  Yard #2        
Lost Mountain Auto Parts       X
M & J Auto Used Parts       X
M & S Auto Parts ARA     X
M R Auto Parts       X
MPS Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Mark's All About Parts     X  
Martins Auto Salvage     X  
Mazmart, Inc.       X
McCarty Auto Parts X   X X
McDaniel's Used Auto Parts        
McDonough Used Auto Parts X   X X
McLeod Auto Co, LLC.     X  
Means Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Midway Truck Salvage     X X
Mike's Auto Sales, Inc.        
Mitch's Automotive & Towing     X  
Mitchell's Used Auto Parts     X X
Morgan Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Morgan Automotive       X
Motion, Wheels, Hubcaps & Tires        
Motor Vehicle Sales of Georgia       X
MPS Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Mustangs Unlimited        
Myers Auto Parts     X  
NAD Auto       X
Nemore Rex, Inc.        
New Dixie Used Auto Parts       X
Newman's Used Motors & Transmissions, Inc.     X  
Newton Auto Salvage Inc. GS/CAR/ARA   X X
North Gwinnett SUV, Inc.     X  
Otting Auto Parts        
Owens Auto Salvage        
Pacific Engine Company       X
PAPI Used Auto Parts    


Parts R Us        
Peach State SUV and Truck Parts        
Peacock Auto Salvage ARA   X X
Pritchett Auto Salvage        
Pull A Part Atlanta     X  
Pull A Part Augusta X      
Pull A Part Buford X      
Pull A Part Henrico X      
Quality Used Auto Parts     X X
R.H. Motors, Inc.     X  
R & D Auto Salvage     X X
R & R Auto & Truck Salvage       X
Raja Auto Parts        
Rathels Towing and Recovery       X
Richards Auto Salvage     X X
Rockdale Auto Parts & Salvage       X
S & W Automotive Parts, Inc. X   X X
Salvage Express, Inc.     X  
Salvage GM Parts of South GA CAR    X  
Salvage Hunter X     X
Sam's Used Parts, Inc.     X X
Samson Auto Parts        
Scrap Partners Auto Salvage - East Dublin       X
Scrap Partners Auto Salvage - Jesup       X
Seven Seas Auto, Inc.       X
Shakti Auto Parts, Inc (dba) Fox Auto Salvage       X
Smith Auto Parts        
So Easy Auto Salvage        
Southern Auto Salvage       X
Southern Pick a Part Augusta     X X
Southern Pik a Part Columbus       X
Southside Used Parts       X
Speedway Auto Salvage        
Sports and Imports X   X  
Stanley Auto Parts, Inc.        
Structly German       X
T H Evans Enterprises, Inc.        
TNT Auto & Truck        
Tallant Bros. Auto Parts     X  X 

Tommy's New & Used Auto Parts

Thompson's Auto & Trucking Recycling     X X
Turner & Sons Auto Parts        
Turner Auto Salvage        
U Wrench It Used Auto Parts       X
V & W Motors        X 
Valdosta Wrecking Co, Inc.        
Vidalia Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Watson's Auto Salvage        
Weaver Automotive, Inc.   X X  
Weaver Automotive - PRPMA   X   X
West Point Auto Parts     X X
Whitaker Motor        
Wildcat Auto Parts       X
Williamson Auto Parts, Inc.     X  
Williford Used Auto Parts     X  
Yodo Auto Recyclers     X  
Young's Imports     X  

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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