Name Organization Car-Part
135 Auto Parts     X  
2020 Import Auto Parts       X
A Best Part        
A & E Salvage and Recycling     X  
A-1 Auto Parts        
A-1 Griffith Auto Sales & Recycling       X
AAA Auto Parts, Inc. X   X X
Ace of LaPorte, Inc.       X
Ace Midtown       X
Adam's Auto Salvage       X
Adkins Auto Parts       X
Air Ride Technologies        
Allied Economy Auto Parts, Inc.(dba)Economy Auto Parts       X
Archie's Auto Recyclers  X   X X
Auto Bumper Exchange, Inc     X  
Auto Network, Inc.       X
Auto Parts City X     X
Auto Parts Service     X  
Auto Salvage and Sales        
Auto Value Parts Stores        
Auto Warehouse, Inc.     X  
Beard's Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Beedle's Auto Salvage     X  
Belly Commodity Trading, LLC X      
Big T's Auto Salvage       X
Brickyard Imported Cars       X
Brothers Auto Parts X     X
Bud & Sons Auto Inc        
Bud's Auto & Truck Parts       X
Burkhart Automotive, Inc.       X
CJD Auto Recyclers        
Calvin's Wrecking       X
Car Recyclers X    X X
Cars & Parts       X
Chevrolet Restoration Parts        
Clark's Auto Salvage     X  
Crossroads Auto Recycling X    X X
Crushers Auto Recycling     X X
Curtis Wrecking Inc.       X
D & J Auto Parts        
Dad's Truck and Auto       X
Dick's Auto Parts     X X
Diversified Marketing Solutions, Inc.        
Dora Road Auto Recycler Inc        
E & K Sales, Inc.     X  
Easi Auto        
Eazy Jim's Salvage        
Ebbing Auto Parts, Inc. X   X X
Ernie's Auto Parts       X
Fields Auto Parts       X
G & G Auto Salvage     X  
G and N Auto        
Garmater Auto Salvage, Inc.     X  
Gertrude St. Metal Recycling Inc.(dba)Bulldog Auto Recycling X     X
Glisson Auto, Inc.  X    X X
Gonzalez Auto Parts, Inc.       X
G. W. Pierce     X  
H. Kowalski Auto Parts City, LLC X   X  
Happy Import Auto Salvage       X
Hendrick's County Auto Parts X   X  
Hundt's Auto Salvage     X X
I-80 Auto Parts Co., Inc.   X X X
I-94 Auto Recyclers     X  
Illiana Truck Parts, Inc. X      
Imperial Auto Parts LLC        
Indiana Auto Parts        
Interbody Parts, Inc        
J Street Auto       X
J Street Ventures, LLC     X  
James & James Used Car Lot     X  
Jasper Engines and Transmissions        
Joey's Enterprises     X  
John's Auto Parts     X X
Johnsons Used Auto Parts        
Jones Auto, Inc.       X
K & L Auto Parts & Salvage        
Killian Auto Salvage X   X  
L & W Auto Salvage        
LKQ - Keystone - Elkhart       X
LKQ - Keystone - Indianapolis X     X
LKQ - Keystone - Louisville       X
LKQ - Keystone - Merriville Depot       X
LKQ - Quincy - C2C Depot       X
LKQ - Kentuckiana       X
LKQ - Indiana GS/CAR     X
LKQ - Great Lakes Corporation X   X X
Legal Chop Shop X   X X
Liberty Auto Salvage, Inc.  X   X X
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering        
Mecca Auto Salvage       X
Metro Auto Parts Wreckers     X  
Metro Auto Recyclers Inc X X   X
Michigan Auto & Parts, Inc.        
Mickeys Auto & Truck Recycling, Inc.        
Midwest Auto     X X
Midwest Auto Recyclers       X
Mike Gill Auto & Truck Parts, Inc. X   X  
Mike Johns Imports       X
Mike's Auto Salvage     X X
Milbourn Auto Sales       X
Mills Auto Parts X   X X
Morgan's Auto, Inc.        
Northlake Auto Recyclers     X X
Northside Auto Salvage        
Northside Imported Cars       X
On Time Auto, LLC       X
Pierce Auto Parts - Cicero       X
R J McClellan, Inc.     X  
Randy's Auto and Truck Parts LLC       X
Rangeline Auto Parts X     X
Ray's Auto Parts & Sales X   X X
Riddle's Auto Salvage        
Riggles Used Auto Parts        
Sagebrush Classic Auto        
Shelbyville Auto Parts, LLC       X
Shepherd's Auto Salvage       X
Southwest Auto Company X     X
Stans Auto Salvage X   X  
Stuckman Salvage, Inc.     X X
Supreme Auto Group        
Take-A-Part     X  
Thorntown Salvage       X
Tom's Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Tons of Parts Auto Recyclers, Inc.       X
Toot N' Tellem     X X
Transwheel Corporation        
Truck Parts Unlimited       X
Trucks Inc.       X
Two Little Bee's Auto Parts       X
U Pull And Pay, LLC     X  
Underwood Auto Parts X   X X
Universal Salvage, Inc. X   X X
V & A Salvage       X
Veldman's Auto Parts X   X X
Warren's Auto Salvage       X
Weller Auto Parts X   X X
Wheeler's Auto Parts        
Williams Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Willie Mote Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
Wise Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
Wrecks Inc.        
Wright's Auto Parts       X

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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