Name Organization Car-Part
A & B Motors       X
A to Z Auto Salvage        
A-OK Salvage       X
Albany Auto Salvage & Sales, Inc.     X X
Allstate Salvage       X
American Auto Salvage       X
Austin's Auto Salvage       X
Auto Mart       X
Auto Parts S & A       X
Auto Recyclers of Baton Rouge     X  
Auto-Tech X   X X
B & C Auto Wreckers, Inc.     X  
Barlow Brothers, Inc.        
Basic Your Best Buy, Inc.        
Big D Auto Sales & Salvage       X
Billie Jo's Salvage       X
Bills Used Auto Parts, Inc.     X  
Bison Auto Salvage     X  
Blacks Auto Parts and Salvage X   X X
Brown's Salvage, Inc.        
Coastal Auto Parts        
Coons Auto Salvage & Wrecker Service     X  
Courrege Wrecking        
Danny Cook Used Cars       X
Dien's Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Dino's Corvette Salvage, LLC        
Eric's Auto Salvage Yard, LLC       X
German Auto Recycling        
Global Automotive Enterprises, LLC X      
Greenwood Auto Salvage      
Harvey's Auto Parts, LLC X      
Heissers Foreign Car Parts     X  
Hemco Salvage        
Henry's Auto Salvage     X X
Hwy. 59 Auto Salvage, Inc.        
James Cook Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Kentwood Auto Salvage       X
LKQ-Gulf Coast X     X
LKQ of North Louisiana       X
LKQ-Self Service Auto Parts- Baton Rouge X      
Langley & Son Wrecking Yard X   X  
LaPlace Salvage        
Lonnies Auto Salvage     X  
Louisiana Auto Salvage        
Marie's Auto & Truck        
Modern Auto Wreckers     X  
Nubs Auto Salvage & Glass     X  
Pauls Auto Salvage, Inc.     X  
Perry Auto Ranch, Inc.     X X
Pipes Foreign Car Parts   X   X
Pospisils Auto Salvage & Body     X  
Premium Recycled Parts of Louisiana   X X  
Riverside Used Auto Parts     X X
Ryan's auto Salvage     X  
Schriever Auto Parts     X X
Schriever Auto Recyclers, Inc.     X  
Shed Road Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Smith's Auto Body & Salvage       X
Sooner Auto Salvage        
Staggs Auto Salvage       X
Stevens Used Auto Parts       X
Tim's Auto Salvage, Inc. X   X
Tops Truck Center     X  
Tubb's Auto Salvage X   X  
U-Auto-Pull It        
U-Auto-Pull-It Auto Parts        
Winnsboro Auto Sales        
Zack's Auto Parts, Inc.         

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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