Name Organization Car-Part
Aable Auto Parts GS/CAR X   X
Auto and Truck Parts       X
Barrows Auto Parts        
Bills Auto Salvage       X
Brunswick Auto Recycling       X
Caldwell Auto LLC       X
Cumberland Salvage       X
Folsom & Sons Auto        
Gary's Auto Salvage       X
Green Point Auto Parts, Inc. CAR     X
Hy-Way Service, LLC.        
J & J Auto Salvage       X
Jim's Used Cars & Auto Repair, Inc.       X
Just Chevy Trucks       X
Lashin's Auto Salvage       X
Littlefield`s Garage   X   X
LKQ Keystone - Bangor        
LKQ Keystone - Gardiner        
LKQ-Gorham Auto Parts GS/CAR      X
Lucky Day Auto        
M & P Auto Parts       X
Mank's Auto Parts & Sales        
Mason Restoration        
New England Auto Parts       X
North Anson Recycling       X
The Outback Salvage Yard        
Ovide's Used Cars, Inc.       X
Paul's Pick-a-Part       X
Pro Auto Center       X
Randy's Auto       X
Rhein-Maine Euro Auto Recyclers        
Robert's Auto Center       X
Ron's Parts, Inc.       X
Route 202 Auto Parts, Inc.        
Scarboro Auto Parts Inc X     X
Silver Motor Auto Sale        
Silvers Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
Sun Auto & Salvage       X
The Wheel House       X
This & That Auto       X
Valley Motors, Inc.       X
White's Auto       X

CAR=ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS=ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000 is modeled after ISO 6000 Quality Standards
URG 7000 is modeled after ISO 7000 Quality Standards
URG 8000 is modeled after ISO 8000 Quality Standards

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