Name Organization Car-Part
4 Auto Parts X   X  
66 Truck & Foreign Salvage       X
2470 Used Auto Parts       X
A-Z Recycling & Auto Salvage       X
A & J Auto Salvage        
A-1 Auto Recyclers X X X X
Advantage Metals Recycling       X
Ajax Auto Parts       X
Algiere Salvage, LLC        
All Auto Parts & Sales        
All Parts Auto & Truck Salvage, LLC       X
All Star Auto Parts     X X
Al's Auto Salvage & Sales X   X X
Al's Foreign Car X   X X
Andy's Wheel Covers and Wheels. Inc.        
Archway Auto Salvage & Sales X   X X
Auto Parts Company  X   X X
Avenue Auto Wrecking, Inc.   X   X
B & B Imoprt Auto     X  
B & J Auto Salvage, Inc.        
B & W Auto Salvage       X
B & W Truck Repair     X X
Baker's Auto Sales & Salvage       X
Barnes Auto Salvage        
Bayless Auto Parts       X
Bear Creek Auto Recyclers       X
Berry & Son Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Big 3 Auto Salvage       X
Birmingham Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
Blue Valley Auto Salvage        
Boggs Repair & Sales       X
Brett's Automotive        
Brock Auto Parts       X
Brother's Auto Salvage       X
Burkholder's Truck Sales, LLC.        
Busy Bee Auto Salvage & Sales, Inc.       X
C & S Auto Salvage        
Cameron Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Central Motor       X
City Auto Parts        
Clements Autobody & Salvage       X
Connell Auto Sales        
Continental Auto Parts        
Countryside Auto & Truck Parts   X X
County Line Auto Inc. CAR/GS    X X
Coy's Automotive, Inc.        
Craig Automotive        
Craig Midway Salvage        
D & L Used Parts       X
Davis Auto Wrecking & Sales     X X
De Soto Auto Parts, Inc.        
Delta Auto Parts & Salvage, Inc. - PRP Midwest X   X X
Dowco Inc. (dba) West 7th Salvage     X X
E & J Auto Salvage X   X X
Easley Recyclers        
Economy Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Forty Three Auto Sales X   X X
Fort Wood Auto Salvage        
Freeman's Auto Salvage Center CAR      
Frontier Auto Parts     X X
Full Circle Auto Recyclers, Inc.        
Gastineau Auto Salvage        
Gilpin's Auto Parts       X
Glez Auto Parts, Inc.        
Goodfellow Motors, Inc.       X
Grant Iron & Motors        
Greenleaf Midwest        
Griffins Auto Salvage       X
H & W Auto Salvage & Sales       X
Hanser's Automotive & Wrecking Co.        
Higbee Auto Service     X  
Highland Auto Parts       X
Highway 160 Auto Recycling X   X X
Hillsdale Auto Parts X   X X
Howard's Auto Salvage       X
Hwy 65 Auto Salvage, LLC        
Impact Auto Parts, LLC.       X
Interstate Salvage        
J & K Auto Salvage        
J & S Auto Parts & Salvage, Inc.       X
J.C. Auto & Truck-PRP Midwest GS/CAR   X X
JP Auto Salvage        
Jack's Auto Salvage     X X
Johannes Auto Sales, Inc. X   X X
John Meyer Truck & Foreign Salvage, Inc.       X
Junior Sinn Auto Parts X     X
Just Corvettes        
K & M Auto Salvage       X
Lackey Auto Salvage       X
Late Model Auto Parts     X X
Lebanon OK Used Cars & Parts       X
Leehoff Auto Recycling        
Liberty Auto Parts     X X
Little Robert's Auto Parts, LLC        
LKQ Keystone - Kansas City     X  
LKQ Keystone - Springfield     X  
LKQ Keystone - St. Louis     X  
LKQ Four States     X X
LKQ - Springfield       X
Mack's Auto Parts X   X X
Manheims Total Resource Auctions St. Louis        
Mammoth Spring Collision, LLC       X
Meadow Bros. Auto       X
Meadows Truck & Auto Parts     X X
Mid America Import Auto Parts       X
Mid-Missouri Auto Salvage       X
Midway Auto Parts-PRP Midwest GS/CAR X X  
Midwest Auto Recyclers       X
Miller's Wrecker&Salvage        
Missouri Auto, LLC X     X
Modern Auto Parts, Inc. X 8000 X X
Morris Dismantlers       X
Mott Auto Salvage, Inc. X   X X
Mullins Auto       X
Nevada Auto        
Newman Auto Sales & Salvage, Inc.        
Northside Auto Salvage X      
O-K Auto Parts     X X
Parts-X-Press       X
PDQ Auto Parts        
Perrigo Body Shop     X  
Pick-N-Pull Auto Dismantlers     X  
Prather Auto & Salvage        
Prather Auto & Salvage        
Pro Auto        
Quality Auto Salvage & Sales       X
R & R New Parts & Salvage, Inc.  X      
R & T Salvage Inc.       X
RJ Auto Reyclers LLC   X    
Rascal Flats Truck Parts     X  
Reed's Automotive, Inc.       X
Reeds Wrecked Cars       X
Republic Salvage        
Rich Industries (dba) Import Auto Parts X   X X
Roger's Auto Wrecking & Salvage     X X
Rolla Auto Salvage & Sales, Inc.       X
Sapulpa Auto Pool of KC, LLC        
Satterfield Auto & Truck Salvage       X
Smith Brothers Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Sorrels Auto & Truck, LLC     X X
Southside Auto Sales of Malden LLC.        
Speedway Auto Reycling   X   X
Springfield Import Salvage       X
St. James Auto & Truck Salvage, Inc. X   X X
StanLin Auto & Truck Salvage, Inc.       X
Stutesmun Auto Salvage       X
Sutton Auto Salvage        
T & L Auto Sales & Salvage     X  
Taylor Used Cars        
Thompson's Auto Sales     X  
Tooley Auto        
Tri-State Recyclers, LLC        
Tri State Truck & Auto Salvage       X
Trump Trucks     X  
Twin City Auto Salvage        
W & P Sales & Salvage       X
Whipperwill Recycling & Auto Sales        
Yancey Auto Parts GS/CAR   X X
Yeargain Steel & Salvage        
Zeiset Auto Sales & Salvage       X

CAR = ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS = ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000, 7000, and 8000 certifications are modeled after
the ISO 6000, 7000, and 8000 standards repectively.

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