North Carolina

Name Organization Car-Part
109 U-Pull-It       X
21 Motors, Inc.     X  
216 Reliable Auto Parts       X
311 Auto Parts       X
67 Motors X   X X
70 East Auto Salvage       X
A & A Auto Recyclers of Selma        
A Plus Auto Salvage       X
A to Z Used Parts        
A1 Auto Solution        
A-1 Exodus Auto Parts        
AA Auto Parts       X
AAA Auto Parts, Inc.        
AAA Auto Salvage       X
ATB Salvage        
Aace Auto Salvage X X   X
Aberdeen Used Cars And Parts GS/CAR      
Affordable Auto        
Affordable Automotive        
All Star Auto Parts, Inc.       X
All Star Salvage N Recycling        
Asheville Auto Parts        
Atlantic Auto Parts       X
Auto Brokers Recyclers       X
Auto Parts of Shelby X X X X
Auto Recyclers of Laurinburg, Inc. X      

Auto Sport East

Autovice, Inc. dba Greenway Auto Salvage        
B & B Used Auto Parts     X X
B & B Used Auto Parts       X
B & H Used Auto Parts       X
Bass Used Parts       X
Beaver's Honda Salvage       X
Bennett Auto Parts & Salvage        
Big Boys Auto Recycling   X X X
Big Bucks Recycling, Inc. (dba) Big Bucks Recycling and Used Auto Parts       X
Big O Truck Parts        
Biscoe Auto Salvage        
Bob Dunn Automotive        
Bob`s Auto Salvage, Inc   X X
Brookshire Auto Salvage       X
Buchanan's Auto Salvage       X
Bud Harris Auto Sales     X  
Butler Auto Parts   X X X
Buy My Mirrors        
Byrd's Salvage X      
C & K Auto Salvage        
Campbell's Towing        
Capitol Auto & Truck Salvage        
Car Hunters Auto Parts Sales & Service        
Carlton's Salvage, Inc       X
Carolina Core Recycling, Inc.       X
Carolina Wrecking Company        
Carrigan Auto Sales       X
Case Used Parts       X
CB Vettes, Inc.        
Central Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Chapman's Automotive       X
Charlotte Truck Parts, Inc.        
Chop Shop Auto Parts       X
Church Auto Parts       X
City Auto Salvage X X    
City Salvage I, Inc.       X
CJ Auto Used Parts     X X
Clarks Used Parts        
Classic Cars of Carolina     X  
Coats Garage and Parts        
Cobb's Collision & Salvage     X X
Cox Auto Salvage     X X
Cox's Automotive     X X
Crawford Motor Company, Inc. - Used Parts Division       X
Crutchfield Auto Parts       X
Cylinder Heads Rebuilt, Inc.        
DC Automotive     X  
Davidson Auto Salvage       X
Deals On Wheels, Inc.     X X
Deal's Specialty Cars, Inc.        
Devore & Cooke Auto Parts Company Inc.     X X
Dobb's Auto & Truck Parts        
Don's Auto Parts        
Doug's Auto Sales & Salvage       X
Down East Auto Salvage        
DuBose International Salvage Yard        
Dunn Auto Salvage       X
E-70 Used Auto Parts & Salvage       X
East Coast Imports        
East Coast Used Parts       X
Eastern Auto Salvage       X
Eastern Automotive Inc.     X X
Eastside Auto Salvage     X X
Ed's Auto Service & Salvage       X
Edd C. Marsh, Inc.        
El Taguilero Inc. (dba) Auto Max       X
Elite Auto Lights       X
Elizabethtown Salvage        
Elliot's Auto Salvage       X
Everhart Brothers Used Cars, Inc.       X
Exum Auto Salvage       X
EZ Auto Sales & Salvage       X
Fat City Salvage        
Fat Lassie, Inc.        
Foils Auto Recycling LLC. PRO     X
Foss Auto Recyclers      
Foss Auto Salvage, Inc.   X    
Foss Upull It        
Francis Auto Salvage        
G & N Used Auto Parts       X
Gate City Auto Salvage        
German Motors Werks       X
Good News Auto Parts & Salvage   X   X
Good Used Auto Parts       X
Gosnell Used Auto Parts       X
Green's Auto Salvage, Inc.     X  
GreenLeaf NC Wilson X X    
Greensboro Auto Parts        
Greenway's Auto Salvage        
H & E Used Auto Parts      
High Point Auto Salvage X     X
Hall's Towing & Recovery, Inc.        
Highway 10 Auto Parts, Inc.        
Highway 70 East Auto Salvage        
Highway Automotive        
Hi-Way Used Parts       X
Hoopers Used Auto Parts       X
HP Imports, Inc.        
Huffman's Garage       X
Hugo Auto Sales Inc.       X
Hunter Salvage       X
Hunt's Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
I 40 Used Auto Parts       X
Imperial Used Auto Parts, LLC X      
Import Auto Salvage    X   X
J & T, Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
J and J Auto Parts        
Jackson Auto Salvage X     X
Jacobs Cars & Used Parts     X  
Jakob's Used Cars and Parts        
JC Nizzan       X
JMD Parts Plus        
Jeff's Auto Salvage        
Jeff's New and Used Autoparts        
Jim West & Sons Auto Recycling       X
Joe's Auto Sales       X
Joe & Moe's Auto Services, Inc.     X  
Johnson Auto Recycling CAR  X   X
Johnston's Auto Salvage       X
Johnston County Auto Salvage        
Jonesville Motor Co.        
Junkyard Auto Parts       X
K & M Used Auto Parts       X
K and C Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
King Auto Salvage       X
Krugger Auto LLC        
Kustom Auto Recyclers        
L & L Auto Sales & Parts       X
L & M Used Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Lee's Auto Parts, Sales & Service       X
Leicester Auto Recyclers, Inc.        
Lemons Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
Lewis Auto Parts       X
Lewis Garage & Auto Salvage        
Lewisville Motor Co., Inc.  X X X X
Lexington Auto Salvage       X
LKQ Keystone - Charlotte       X
LKQ Keystone - Greensboro       X
LKQ Keystone - Raleigh X     X
LKQ _ East Carolina       X
LKQ - Salisbury CAR   X X
Logan's Used Cars, Parts & Service        
Lonnie's Used Cars & Salvage, Inc.        
Louia Motor Company       X
LWP, Inc.        
M & M Motor Company, Inc.     X X
M & W Used Auto Parts, Inc.        
Mann's Auto Parts       X
Mario's Auto Parts, Inc.        
Mark's Used Auto Parts       X
Marsh Auto Parts X   X X
Martin's Import Salvage - Raleigh     X X
Martin's Import Salvage - Wendell     X X
Matlock`s Used Auto Parts   X X X
Max Used Auto Parts       X
McLambs Auto Salvage, Inc. X   X X
McLambs Auto Shop & Salvage     X X
McLeod Auto Crushing X      
Memory Lane Used Auto Parts        
Metal Recycling Services, Inc.     X  
Midsouth Auto Recycling       X
Midway Automotive       X
Mike's Auto Salvage, Inc.     X  
Miller Import Parts       X
Mills Auto Salvage   X   X
Morrow Motors, Inc.       X
Morton's Auto Salvage        
NC Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Nifong Used Cars & Parts, Inc.       X
Nine's Auto Parts       X
Norman's of Shelby       X
Odum's Auto Salvage       X
P and D Automotive     X X
Pala-Alto Salvage        
Parker Motor Company,Inc.     X X
Performance Motors, Inc.        
Person Auto Salvage        
Pierce's Cars & Parts     X X
Powell's Garage, Inc.       X
Premiere Logistics & Auto LLC       X
Prices Auto Parts, LLC X   X X
PRP Mid-Atlantic       X
Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts X      
Quality Automotive        
R & D Auto Parts       X
R A Auto Salvage        
R. Stroud     X X
R.E.H. Automotive LLC        
Radford Automotive Inc.       X
Randolph Auto Parts, Inc.        
Regalado Service & Salvage        
Rigsbee Auto Parts       X
Riverside Auto Parts (dba) John Ray of Mebane X      
Robbin's Auto Parts       X
Robert's Engines Inc. CAR X X X
Roper Motor Company        
Rocky Mount Recyclers, Inc.     X  
RPM of Kannapolis       X
RPM of Lumberton       X
Runion's Recycling       X
S & A Salvage       X
S & J Motor Company       X
S & R Auto & Truck Service, Inc . (dba) S & R Auto & Truck Salvage       X
S & S Sales And Service       X
S and D Auto Salvage       X
Salem Auto Sales, Inc.       X
Salvage Auto Supply       X
Salvage Solutions        
Schronce Used Parts & Cars, Inc. X   X X
Shepards Wreckers and Garage        
South End Auto Salvage        
Southern Imports       X
Southside Auto Parts-Raleigh-Durham   X    
Speedy's Used Parts     X X
Sports Car Salvage, LTD        
Spring Lake Auto Center     X  
Standridge Auto Parts     X X
Stewart's Salvage & Wrecker       X
Stinger Auto        
Strawberry Motor Co., Inc.       X
Stricklin Auto & Truck Part, Inc.   X X
T & S Automotive       X
Tags Auto Salvage        
Tarheel Auto Parts       X
Thompson Towing & Recovery        
Tide Water Rovers        
Tony's Auto Salvage       X
Top Notch Service Center       X
Total Resource Actions        
Tri City Auto Salvage     X X
Tri Lease Corp.        
Triad Auto Parts, LLC       X
Triangle Auto Recyclers       X
US 158 Auto  Parts        
Wagner's Auto Salvage, Inc. X   X X
Wake Auto Parts & Sales, Inc.        
Walker Used Cars and Salvage        
Wallace Parts & Salvage       X
Wallace Towing & Automotive, Inc.        
Wayne Auto Salvage CAR 7000 X X
Wayne's Automotive Parts      


Webb's Automotive,Inc.        
West Auto Sales & Salvage       X
Wheeley Auto Mall       X
Wilmington Auto Salvage, Inc.     X X
Windsor Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Wrenn's Body Shop        
Young's Auto Center - Benson X   X X
Young's Auto Center - Dudley II       X
Young's Auto Center - Dudley       X
Young's Auto Center - Springhope       X
Young's Auto Center - Springlake       X

CAR = ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS = ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000, 7000, and 8000 certifications are modeled after
the ISO 6000, 7000, and 8000 standards repectively.

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