New Hampshire

Name Organization Car-Part
AJS Used Auto Parts        
Al's Used Parts       X
Allied Auto Wrecking, Inc.   X X
American Used Auto Parts     X X
Ames Performance Engineering        
Anchor Used Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
ASAP Motors and Parts Systems, Inc        
Auto and Truck Association of New Hampshire     X X
Auto Recyclers of NH, LLC        
Auto Yard, LLC        
Blanchard's Auto Salvage     X  
Blaney Auto Crushing     X  
Bow Auto Salvage Inc CAR X X X
Brandy Brow Auto Parts X X X
Bullseye Recyclers X     X
Camaro Heaven     X  
Car Guyz Auto Recyclers, LLC     X  
Car World, Inc. GS/CAR X    
Central NH Sales, Inc. & Used Parts GS/CAR   X X
Chase's Auto Salvage       X
Chaya Brothers Auto & Salvage     X  
Class A Auto and Truck     X X
Colony Used Auto Parts     X X
Cruiser Parts, LLC     X  
Dave's Automotive Enterprises     X X
Evergreen Auto & Truck Recycling     X X
Green Point of Salem        
General Auto Salvage Company, Inc.  X   X X
Heberts Used Auto Parts     X X
Homestead Wheels        
Hopi Corp.     X  
Jack Mansur's Auto, LLC     X X
Jean Guy's Used Cars & Parts Inc.     X X
Jeff Canter's Car World     X X
Johns Truck and Auto Parts     X X
J.R. Bristol     X  
Kemp's Auto, LLC     X  
Kens Auto Salvage     X X
Lambert's Auto & Truck     X  
Lambert's Garage X   X  
Landry`s Auto Salvage         
Majestic Motors X   X X
Maurice's Auto & Truck     X  
Morway Auto Salvage     X  
Murray's Auto Recycling, Inc. X   X X
P & L Auto Parts, Inc. X   X  X 
Park Ave. Used Auto Parts        
Parkstreet Auto        
Ponderosa Salvage     X  
S & S Metal Recycling, Inc.     X  
The Euro-Depot        
Turnpike Auto Parts X   X X
Union Used Auto Parts     X X
Weber Auto and Truck Parts     X X
White Mountain Auto Broker     X X

CAR = ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS = ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000, 7000, and 8000 certifications are modeled after
the ISO 6000, 7000, and 8000 standards repectively.

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