Name Organization Car-Part
#1 Auto Salvage        
108 Auto Truck Salvage Inc.        
A & A Auto Parts & Salvage       X
A Plus Auto Parts       X
A-1 Chrysler Auto Parts       X
A-Z Auto Parts-PRP Midwest X 8000   X
AAA Auto Salvage, Inc.        
Aabar's Cadillac & Lincoln Salvage        
Affordable Import Parts and Cars        
All American Auto Parts       X
All Parts-U-Pull And Save        
Al's Auto Salvage, LLC       X
American Camaro & Firebird Auto Parts       X
Affordable Auto Recyclers        
Apex Auto Parts, Inc.  X      
Astro Auto Salvage        
B & B Auto Recyclers CAR     X
B & M Auto Parts        
Beeline Used Auto Parts, Inc.        
Best Price Auto Salvage       X
Bethany Imports       X
Bevill's Salvage        
Budget Used Auto Parts       X
Bud's Salvage       X
C & A Used Cars & Salvage       X
C & C Salvage, LLC        
C & C Used Auto Parts X     X
Capitol Auto Parts       X
Car Bonz Salvage & Sales-PRP Midwest X     X
Cars and Parts by Tim, Inc.        
Cars Plus Auto Salvage       X
Checker Auto Salvage       X
City Universal Body Parts       X
Claremore Auto Salvage       X
Corley's Auto Salvage        
D & R Auto Recyclers, Inc.        
D & V Salvage, Inc.       X
D & W Used Cars and Salvage, Inc.       X
D and D Salvage       X
D A S & P aka Dave's Auto Sales & Parts        
Dan's Auto Salvage & Recycling        
Danny's Auto Salvage-PRP Midwest X     X
Del City Pickup Parts       X
Diamond P Recyclers        
Don's Auto Salvage        
Donnie's Core Supply        
Duncan Auto Salvage        
East West Auto Parts Inc.   X   X
Economy Auto & Salvage, Inc.-PRP Midwest X     X
Fairview Auto Salvage       X
G & H Auto Parts       X
G & R Auto Parts-PRP Midwest GS/CAR     X
H & H Auto Salvage       X
Harmon's Chevrolet Restoration Parts        
Hicks Auto Salvage       X
Idletts Auto Salvage        
International Salvage        
Jay's Auto Parts and Sales       X
Jim's Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
KC Auto Recyclers       X
KP's Custom Auto Sales & Salvage        
LKQ-Auto Parts Tulsa, Inc. X      
Lambert Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Lawton Auto Parts       X
Lexington Salvage & Wrecker, LLC        
LKQ 1st Choice Auto Parts X     X
LKQ Keystone - Oklahoma City        
LKQ Keystone - Tulsa        
LKQ Apex Auto Salvage       X
Lockwood Auto Parts        
Logan County Auto Salvage       X
Louie Bread Pickup Parts        
Lynn's Auto Parts, Inc.        
Master Parts Auto Salvage       X
Mathison Motors & Salvage        
Midwestern Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Mingo Auto Salvage        
Nations Parts, LLC.       X
North 69 Auto Salvage, Inc.        
North Yale Auto Parts Inc        
OKC Pick-Up Parts, Inc.       X
Oklahoma European Auto Recycling, LLC       X
Oklahoma Foreign Auto Parts        
Oklahoma Foreign European       X
Old 33 Auto Salvage & Sales        
Osborn's Auto & Truck Recycling        
Phillips Auto Salvage        
Pickup Parts and Sales       X
Poe Boy Fleming Auto Salvage, Inc.       X
Priest Brothers / C & W Auto Salvage       X
Rainbow Auto Salvage X     X
Randy's Automotive & Salvage        
Rex Morgan Salvage        
Riverside Pickup & SUV       X
Robert Salvage, Inc. GS/CAR     X
Ruppert's Pickup Parts X     X
Southwest Restoration        
Square Deal Auto Parts       X
Stateline Trading Used Auto Parts       X
Superior Auto Brokers & Used Parts        
Superior Auto Salvage & Recycling       X
Tri-State Auto Salvage        
Tulsa Auto Salvage        
Vaughn's Auto Parts        
Wilson Ford Parts  X     X

CAR = ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS = ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000, 7000, and 8000 certifications are modeled after
the ISO 6000, 7000, and 8000 standards repectively.

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