Rhode Island

Name Organization Car-Part
A. Carlos and Sons Auto Salvage     X  
A & A Auto Parts and Towing.     X X
A & M International Auto Parts       X
Adesa Impact     X  
Allens Ave. Auto Salvage     X  
Arnolds Auto Parts     X  
Bellville Auto Salvage     X X
Bernard's Auto Parts       X
Bill`s Auto Parts Inc CAR 6000 X X
Capitol City Salvage, LLC.     X X
Capozzi's Auto Sales     X  
Cerrito Brothers, Inc.        
Cole Salvage Yard     X  
Exeter Scrap Metal, Inc. X      
F & G Salvage, Inc.     X  
Five Star Auto Salvage       X
Foster Auto Parts       X
General Auto Recycling X X X X
Hall's Auto Salvage X   X X
Highway Auto Parts     X  
J & D Auto Salvage        
Jack`s Salvage & Auto Parts Inc. X   X X
Jerry's Auto Square, Inc.        
John's Auto Repair & Salvage     X  
Johnston Auto Salvage        
Jorge's Auto Parts        
K & R Auto Salvage Inc. X   X X
King Auto Parts, Inc.        
Kingstown Auto Recycling (dba) Automotive Enterprises of RI     X X
LKQ - Advance Auto Recycling X   X X
Martin & Son Auto Salvage Inc     X  
Martin's Used Auto Parts       X
Metals Recycling, LLC     X  
Moulton Enterprises LTD (dba) Jeeps Unlimited        
North Providence Auto Salvage     X X
North Smithfield Auto Recycling     X X
Perry Motor Sales     X  
PinPoint Parts     X  
Privilege Auto Parts X   X X
Ruggieri Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Sanford and Son Auto Parts Ltd.       X
Tiverton Auto Parts     X X
United Auto Parts & Metal Recycling     X  
Woonsocket Auto Salvage     X  X

CAR = ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS = ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000, 7000, and 8000 certifications are modeled after
the ISO 6000, 7000, and 8000 standards repectively.

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