Name Organization Car-Part
250 East Auto Recycling       X
81 Auto Parts and Recycling       X
A+ Price is Right Auto Parts & Supplies, Inc.       X
AAAA CO-Brandywine Auto Parts CAR X   X
Accurate Foreign Car Parts, Inc.     X X
Action Auto Parts X X X X
Affordable Parts & Repair Service       X
Agees Auto Parts     X X
Al Rudd Auto Parts       X
All American Auto Parts        
All Auto Recycling       X
All Foreign Auto Parts, Inc. CAR X X X
Always Used Auto Parts     X X
American Auto Salvage     X X
Atlantic Autowerks, Ltd.        
Andy's Complete Auto Parts       X
Auto Cycle - VARA X   X X
Auto Krafters, Inc.        
Auto Recyclers, LLC.      
Auto Salvage Connection        
Automotive Foreign Parts        
B & G Auto Parts        
B & M King George Auto Parts X      
Banks Auto Parts        
Barker's Auto Salvage       X
Belvoir Auto Salvage        
Bill's Used Parts, Inc. CAR X X X
Bowers Hill Used Auto Parts Inc.        
Bowman's Garage, Inc.        
Brooks Auto Sales CAR X X X
Bruce Auto Parts CAR X X X
Bryant Motorsports Used Auto Parts       X
Bubba's Used Auto Parts   X    
Carrollton Auto Parts        
Carr's Used Partrs, LLC        
Chesapeake Used Auto Parts and Norfolk Recycling Corporation     X  
Chesterfield Auto Parts, Co. CAR      
Circle Auto Recycling CAR      
Clayton's Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
Complete Auto Parts       X
Cosner Brothers CAR    X X
County Line Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
Culpeper Recycling     X X
Culpeper Towing & Salvage, Inc.     X X
Cunningham Bros. Auto Parts, Inc. X     X
Cunningham Brothers Auto Parts Corp   X   X
Cupp - All Parts       X
D & M Auto Parts       X
Dandee's Inc.        
Dave Mac Auto Repair and Used Parts        
Davis Auto Center   X    
Discount Used Auto Parts       X
Double T Automotive, Inc. X   X X
Driskill's Auto Parts Inc.     X X
Duval Auto Parts Inc. CAR   X X
East Coast Auto Source CAR X X X
East Coast Honda Recycler        
English Motors, Ltd.       X
Estes Auto and Truck Parts       X
F & K Auto, Inc.        
First Choice Auto Parts        
Fisher's Imported Auto Salvage     X  
Fitzgerald`s Used Auto Parts     X  
Fleetwood Motors Company     X X
Foreign Car Crash        
Frank's Place Inc X   X  
Frederick Motor Company        
Fred's Auto Parts       X
French's Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
G & B Auto Parts, Inc.       X
G and G Auto Recycling       X
Gravely's Auto & Truck Parts, Inc.     X X
Gray's Service Center        
Greear's Used Cars/Parts, Inc.       X
GreenLeaf Dumfries  X X    
Greenleaf Spotsylvania        
Greenwalt Road Auto Recycling and Salvage, LLC        
Greg's Core Supply, Inc.        
H & H Used Truck Parts       X
Harry A Wright's Inc.     X X
Hiatt's Used Auto Parts       X
Highway Motors       X
Hillbilly's Junkyard       X
Hillside Inc.       X
Holleys Used Auto Parts     X X
Hubcap Heaven II        
Imperial Used Auto Parts, LLC        
Import Auto Recycling       X
Ingram Auto Mall       X
Ingram Auto Parts       X
Inside Auto Parts, Inc. X   X X
International Auto Parts        
J & W Nova Parts        
Jerry's Automotive Group        
Jet Line        
Joe's Auto Parts       X
Johnson's Mustang & Truck Parts X     X
J-Spec Auto Sports        
Junk Yard Dog        
Keeners Auto Parts        
Kerr Auto Parts        
King George Auto Parts X   X X
L & B Auto, Inc.     X X
Lacy Auto Parts, Inc. GS/CAR X X X
Ladysmith Auto Salvage       X
Larry's Auto Parts        
Lew's Auto Salvage   X X
LKQ - Keystone - Sterling       X
LKQ - Keystone - Williamburg       X

LKQ - Norfolk

GS/CAR     X
LKQ - VA Dumfries X     X
Long Island Motors        
Lou's Auto Parts        
Lucky Line Motors and Parts        
M & J Motors     X X
M & M Auto Parts, Inc. GS/CAR X   X
M & M Service & Salvage Yard, Inc.       X
Madison Heights Auto Parts       X
Matlock Auto Recycling     X X
McKinney Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
Metro Used Auto Parts     X X
Mid-Atlantic Auto Recyclers, Inc.        
Monk's Used Auto Parts        
Mullins Used Auto Parts Warehouse       X
National Auto Parts        
Nelson Auto Salvage Co.       X
Nick's Used Auto Parts       X
Nutsville Auto        
O'Malley's Auto Parts        
Oak Hill Auto Parts     X X
Oakes Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Oceana Salvage     X  
Old Dominion Auto Parts-PRP-MA X   X X
Olympic Imported Parts Corp.        
Ord's Auto Parts        
Parts House        
Parts Unlimited       X
Pay Less Auto Sales        
Payne's Body Shop       X
Performance Parts, Inc.        
Phoenix Automotive (dba) American Auto Import       X
Pikeway Auto Parts        
Prestige Auto, LLC.        
R & S Auto Parts        
R.E. Schodt & Son Inc.       X
Ralph's Auto Parts        
Randy's, Inc.        
Recycle Management, LLC       X
Remington Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Roger's Auto Parts       X
Ross Auto Parts, Inc.     X  
Rye Valley Oil, Inc.        
Salvage One       X
Scrap 58 Inc.        
Shenandoah Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Shenandoah Auto Salvage, Inc.     X X
Skip's Green Leaf        
Southern Autotronics Inc.        
Southers Auto Salvage       X
Southside Customs Inc. (dba) KD Auto Parts        
Star City Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Starco Corp.        
Staunton Auto Parts  X   X X
Suffolk Used Auto Parts       X
T'and S Used Auto Parts       X
Taylor Motor Company     X  
Ted's Auto Salvage       X
Tony's Auto Parts     X X
Triple Decker Auto Parts     X X
TS Quality Used Auto Parts       X
Tubb's Used Auto Parts, Inc.     X X
Two Chiefs Auto Parts      X X
U.C.P. International, LLC        
US 258 Auto Parts (dba) Holland Auto Parts       X
Virginia Auto Parts, Inc.       X
Virginia Truck Parts X   X X
Virginia Used Auto Parts X   X X
Warsaw Used Auto Parts     X  
Wheeler Auto Parts X     X
Widewater Auto Parts X     X
Widner Bros, Inc.        
Winchester Truck Salvage      
Windsheild City        
Witchduck Used Auto Parts        
Woodfin Auto Parts GS/CAR X X  
Zero's Auto Sales, Inc.        

CAR = ARA Certified Automotive Recyclers Program
GS = ARA Gold Seal Program
URG 6000, 7000, and 8000 certifications are modeled after
the ISO 6000, 7000, and 8000 standards repectively.

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