About Car-Part.com

Car-Part.com is the fastest way to search thousands of auto recyclers' inventories to find exactly the part you need. There are over 120 million inventoried parts in the Car-Part.com database, and the search is quick and simple – you can choose the standard search or multi-part search if you know what you need, and if you aren't sure you can use the image search to easily click on the correct part. Sort your results by price, grade, or distance, and then click on the Live Chat button to instantly connect to the recycler and ask any more questions or arrange a purchase.

Car-Part.com was founded by an auto recycling family and the president of an Internet development and web hosting company. The auto recyclers were frustrated by the proprietary nature of their inventory management system - the systems on the market excluded body shops and repair facilities, and they also excluded auto recyclers who did not share the same management system.

The Internet development company, Phoneware.com, had designed a global secure intranet for the United Nations and built a web hosting facility for Viacom. The facility served 37 million hits per day for the MTV, Blockbuster, Comedy Central, Nick-at-Nite, Showtime, and Mike Tyson web sites. Phoneware.com also built their own data center, hosting over 1 million hits per day for the Sesame Street web sites.

Car-Part.com acquired the Phoneware.com team and their fourth generation web hosting software and data center. The result is an Internet-based system that opens up recyclers' inventory to anyone with a computer and a browser. Car-Part.com was the first company to offer an inventory search capability for recyclers' web sites, and the site went live in May of 1998.

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