Who will set up a web site if I don't have one now?
Car-Part.com can design a web site for you with your complete inventory searchable on your website.
Will my customers find other Recyclers' inventory on my website and buy the parts from my competitors?
Car-Part.com puts only your parts on your website. By doing this you keep your customers - and Car-Part.com markets your parts to the rest of the world.
How much does it cost to have Car-Part.com set up a website?
The cost to acquire a domain name (your address on the Internet) is $100 per name. The design costs on a basic website are $100 and up.
What can I put on a basic website that costs $100 to design?
The basic website normally would include two pages. The first page would include your company name, your logo, your complete mailing and shipping address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, your basic warranty (30-60 etc. days), the availability of extended warranties, any credit cards you accept, your hours, trade or other associations & affiliations (e.g. ARA, URG, Gold Seal, CAR, State Associations, etc.), and any specialty your yard has or unique services. You want to include information on your website that will answer common questions customers usually telephone to ask. By doing this you will allow your salesman more time to sell parts instead of answering simple questions such as how late are you open today or do you take VISA etc. The second page would be a search page so your customers can search your inventory and get instant results as to part condition, price and availability.
Can I include more information and how much does it cost?
Car-Part.com can include additional pages at an approximate cost of $50 per page for additional information. A map for directions that can be zoomed in and out is $50. Aerial photos are approximately $50 extra to include on the home page. Photos on other pages and non-aerial photos are significantly less.
Can I put custom graphics on my site?
Yes, numerous custom graphics can be done but would need to be priced on an individual basis.
How often do I have to pay website design fees?
You only pay for your design one time. As long as you do not change it, there is no additional monthly fee. If you want your site design changed you will be quoted a price prior to any changes.
Can I build my own site or have a friend build it for me?
Yes, if you can build your own site you are welcome to do this. Please call for guidelines prior to building or modifying a website.
How much does it cost if I build or modify my own website?
There is no design cost if you do the work yourself
Can I add builders to my website?
Yes, if you want builders on your website this can be set up initially or at a later date
How much does it cost to keep vehicles on my site?
There is no additional charge to have vehicle pictures on your site. There is a charge to put the pictures and description on the site and to remove them when they are sold. It cost approximately $50 to add and delete pictures of 10 rebuildable vehicles. If you add the pictures and description yourself, there is no charge for this.
Is there a minimum charge for adding/deleting vehicles or design changes?
Yes, our minimum charge is $25 and our hourly rate is $40/hr.
How much space am I allowed for my website?
30 Megabytes, minor increases can be added at no additional charge and significant increases will incur a nominal fee. Most web sites (even with pictures of rebuildable vehicles) require significantly less than 30 MB space.
What is a domain name?
This is the name people type in on the Internet to go directly to your website (e.g. http://www.YourName.com).
Would I ever want more than one domain name?
Yes, if your company is London Auto Salvage and you are known to most of your customers as London Auto or London Auto Parts, you may want to buy 2 or 3 names and have them all directed to your website. By doing this your regular customers can locate your website and obtain parts/vehicle information easily and the occasional customer that just tries your name as printed on a receipt or in a yellow pages ad etc. can also locate your website. Additionally, you may consider buying your name with "Auto Parts" in the domain name because you will have a better position for search engine registrations.
How much more does it cost to have more than one name directed to my website?
There is no additional monthly fee, there is only the $100 fee per name to purchase and set up the name directing it to your website and then after 2 years, there is a $35/year/name renewal fee. This is your share of the Internet cost, not a fee added by Car-Part.com.
What if the name I want is not available?
You may consider putting a dash between words of your name (e.g. London-Auto-Salvage.com). You may also consider your name using .net (although .com is strongly preferred). Letters, numbers, and the dash (-) are the only characters available for use in a domain name.
Which name do I use in my advertisements?
By promoting your name.com you are getting two promotions for the price of one. You are promoting your company name and most people have come to recognize ---.com as an indicator that you have a website.
What e-mail address should I use for parts inquiries and advertisements?
Using e-mail addresses with your company name.com informs users of your name, your website address and your e-mail address. Also, most e-mail accounts provided by your Internet provider have their name in the e-mail name such as abccompany@earthlink®.com and if you change Internet providers, your e-mail account would change to abccompany@mindspring®.com. If this happens you would need to change all advertisements with your e-mail address.
How can I get e-mail accounts using my company name.com?
We can set up e-mail accounts for you if we host your website and the names on the e-mail addresses would be parts, sales, bob, etc.@your name.com. These addresses remain the same and if you transferred your website, your e-mail account would still be the same. By using these, you would not have to change advertisements that included your e-mail account.
How much are e-mail accounts using "myname.com"?
Car-Part.com provides one free e-mail account using your name.com with each website it hosts. Additional e-mail accounts are available using your company.com for $2 per month each.
If I already have a website can you add the search page to it?
Yes, If you already have a website we can add a search page to your existing website. In most cases we can host your existing website.
How much more does it cost if you host my website?
There is no additional charge for us to host your website if we are providing a search page for you.
If I want to keep my website hosted by my current host, who decides where the "Parts Search" link is placed?
It is up to you where you want the links placed on your home page and what text you want to use. We suggest you place it prominently since it's your primary business function. You can review sample text used by other Auto Recyclers by going to the dealers list and reviewing the sites of various dealers for text and placement of the Search Page link.
Where should I advertise my website?
Advertise your website every time you advertise your company. Put www.YourName.com on business cards, brochures, yellow pages ads etc. Advertise your website to your current customers (including every time you ship a part) and include your website address on your invoices.
Should I tell customers my parts are on-line?
Yes, this will be one of the best reasons for customers to visit your website and then continue to use it since it will be convenient and informative for them.
Do links to my site help?
Yes, whenever you place an ad on line, always try to get a link back to your site. The easier it is for customers to visit your site, the quicker they will visit the site and make additional purchases from you.
I already have my parts on another companies website, should I not put my parts on any other sites?
No. Every time someone sees your part, you have a chance to sell it. Put your parts and website address everywhere you receive enough sales from that site to justify the cost for each site. It is similar to "yellow pages" ads. You don't cancel your ad in one book to place an ad in another unless you are not generating enough sales from that book.
Do I have to type my inventory in to get it on my website?
No. On Checkmate®* and Hollander® systems, Car-part.com software extracts your inventory onto your PC and it is updated nightly via the Internet. Pinnacle data is updated nightly from URG NET® - no user set up is required. FastParts® data is updated via FastNnet® - no user set up is required.
Where do you publish my inventory?
We put your parts on your website, the Car-Part.com website, and any consolidated web sites we are requested to - such as a state association site or a group of trading partners website. We only put your parts on sites approved by you.
I own 3 Salvage Yards, can I have all three yards inventory on one website?
Yes, we can put all three yards' inventory on one site (consolidated site) and show which location the part is at; or we can show all parts located at one yard.
If my yard management computer is "down" is my website inoperable?
No, your data is stored on our servers so each search is conducted on our servers and will not affect your computers. Also, if your yard management computer is down, you can use your website as a backup to check parts availability, prices, etc.
Should I put prices of my parts on my website?
Yes, although it is up to each owner, we strongly recommend you include prices with your parts. By including prices, you save unnecessary e-mails from customers asking the price and you save your time not having to answer the e-mail if a customer is not interested at your price. Usually customers will contact someone with a price and parts description that fits their needs before they contact all recyclers just to find out what their price is.
Can I change the prices to be listed on my website?
Yes, we can put filters on your prices to adjust them up or down by a percentage or we cannot display any prices. The charge to add these filters to adjust prices is $5/month.

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