How do I search for a part if I am not sure of the name?

Click search by images to see pictures of some of the most common parts sold by recyclers. Once you find the part, you can search by the name.

How do I find the part I am looking for if it is not available or it is not in the drop-down list?

For some smaller items such as a molding, or items that are part of an assembly, they may not be sold separately. You may want to search for the main part (e.g., a door or a fender) that your part is attached to.

Once the main part has been located, read the recycler's description and price. If the main part is in poor condition or if the price is expensive compared to the cost of the part you need, you may contact the recycler and ask if they will sell you the smaller part instead of the entire assembly. Please remember that each recycler has specific policies for his or her inventory, and many recyclers will not remove a small part from an assembly.

Why wouldn't a recycler sell a small part from an assembly?

Often if a recycler sells the smaller component of a part, he will not be able to sell the higher priced assembly. For example, a door assembly is comprised of a power window motor, latch, door handle, regulator, armrest, etc. If a repair shop wants the entire door assembly, they want all of it, including the armrest. If they find a door without the armrest, they may have to pay extra to get the armrest separately and then pay the labor costs to attach it. It's cost-effective for most shops and recyclers to buy and sell entire assemblies.

Please remember that each recycler has specific policies for his or her yard. Some yards will sell a smaller part, others may not. You can ask each yard for their policies to see if they will sell you the part you need.

My part isn't available. Will anyone try to locate it for me?

If the results screen says there is not a match for your part, you can complete the Request Quote form and an email will be automatically sent to recyclers interested in locating parts not immediately available or matched. When completing this form, you may want to include any additional information you have on the part in question. For example, include additional information about whether the part you are looking for is on right or left side of the vehicle, the VIN, and your contact information. Your address is helpful so recyclers can include shipping information when they contact you.

I have a Datsun and cannot find it in the Make/Model list. Where can I find it?

Datsuns are listed under Nissan. The Nissan model name is the same as the Datsun model name. If you cannot find your make, please email us for help with your search or to request that your make be added.

I have an Oldsmobile 98 or another vehicle, but my model is not listed. Where can I find it?

If the make is listed but the model is not, search using Oldsmobile Other or within your make search for Other. Look for your model in the recycler's description.

Why am I asked to choose a year range?

If the part you are searching for does not have interchange, you will be asked if you want to search for your exact model or search for parts in similar models. At this stage you must also specify a year range. The year range default will be only the year you searched for. If you know that another model year will also fit your needs, you can expand the year range search. Prior to buying your part, you may want to contact the recycler to verify this is the correct part for your vehicle.

How will I know which year range to search?

You may have personal knowledge of which parts will work for you, you may have a crash guide (such as Mitchell or Motor), or you may have an interchange manual (Hollander® or Mitchell) that contains the year and the range interchangeability. has interchangeability built into the search engine using Hollander Interchange®.

Why does a recycler display a part that says "broken" or "core" in the description?

Recyclers often have an engine or other defective parts in their inventory so they can sell smaller parts from that assembly to someone who may want to repair it or rebuild it.

I contacted a recycler about a part and it was not much cheaper than a new part. Why is that?

Some smaller and less expensive parts may be better purchased new because of the labor costs involved in removing a smaller or less expensive part. Some recyclers' minimum charge ranges from $5.00 to $50.00.

I located a part using the search, but when I contacted the recycler I was told this is not the part I need. Why does it appear on the Results page if the recycler does not have it?

When you search for a part by year, make and model, you may locate an available part but you still need to verify that it is the correct part for your vehicle. You can do this by reading the recycler's description.

Maybe you need a left front door for a 1990 Corolla, 4-door sedan. You perform a part search and it returns a door with the description, "Maroon 2DR, RH, P, T." Based on this description, you know this is not the correct door for your vehicle because this one is for a 2DR and yours is a 4DR. In addition, you need left door and this one is a right door (RH).

For a complete explanation of options, abbreviations, and more, click buyer services > Options.

I found a windshield through a part search but when I contacted the recycler I was told that this recycler does not ship windshields. Why would recycler list a windshield if it cannot be shipped?

Even though an item may not be shippable, a recycler may still want it listed on the website so local customers can purchase the item. Shipping policies vary for each recycler.

I located a part for my vehicle and there is a big difference in the prices of the listed matches. Is the lower-priced part a bad part?

Not necessarily. Prices are usually based on a combination of costs, supply, and demand. One recycler may have numerous parts that are not in as high demand in that recycler's area. For example, a recycler in Minnesota may have a surplus of air conditioning compressors and sell them for less than a recycler in Florida. There may be a higher demand and less supply of air conditioning compressors in Florida.

Prices will also vary based on the warranty received even though the parts may be of equal quality at the time of the sale. The shipping costs may also affect the cost of the part.

Why do some parts say "$ Call" instead of listing the price?

Although believes it is better to display a price so potential customers may make an informed decision, some recyclers prefer only to let the customer know the part is available. Some recyclers want the customer to contact them so the recyclers are able to give the customer all the options available along with the costs. Different options may include accessories left on the parts, parts with higher miles, parts that have less than the standard warranty, or parts with an extended warranty. Any of these or countless other options may affect the price.

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